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Michael Baron

“It’s not my focus to make people rich – it’s to make certain they are never poor – to make certain assets earned over a lifetime are never squandered or lost – to preserve and protect a lifetime’s work, for my clients lifetime and beyond.” – Michael Baron – 

Michael only works with agri-business and brings a dedicated, focused expertise to farmers and ranchers regarding their unique industry and family needs. He brings more than 30 years of experience in “Keeping the Family Farm in the Family.”

Michael was employed in 1978 with National Farmers Union Insurance of Mandan, North Dakota as a property and casualty agent at age eighteen.

From 1979-1986, he received specialized education in estate planning in Denver, Colorado, then in May of 1987, he started his own business and incorporated Great Plains Diversified Services, focusing solely on consultation to the family farm and ranch agri-business community. 

Michael uses a personal touch, coupled with a dedicated and focused expertise in the unique industry needs of family farmers and ranchers, assisting them in developing security and stability through the preservation and protection of hard-earned assets.

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Michael Baron is not an attorney. Information given through written, verbal, or electronic means by Michael Baron or Great Plains Diversified Services, Inc. is not to be construed as legal advice. An attorney, tax advisor, or other registered advisor is needed for the completion of the estate planning process. An attorney must be consulted for legal advice and the drafting of legal documents.

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